Surprise surprise...

Well it should come as no surprise that this came out on Tuesday:

Even though I know the decision came after what I would think would be hundreds of complaints, I can't help but feel a little proud that it happened a couple of days after my story got posted on Mamamia and I emailed the Department. This quest for data has become ridiculous. Name me the last time a politician or policy maker was in the classroom? I would like to see them keep up with data on top of everything else we are expected to do.

Another day when I practically ended up in tears has me thinking it really isn't worth it anymore.

So I'll leave it as a short post as it is really the article you need to read.

One more thing. Pretty silly but I have 19 views on my most recent blog posts!!!! (such a small drop in the ocean but for some reason 19 makes me happy- gotta start somewhere!)

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